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:We offer a full range of asbestos sampling  throughout Essex - London - Kent - Suffolk - Norfolk  

:We come to you  !!!!  

:All samples are tested in a fully approved UKAS accredited laboratory working to ISO-17025. 

:Fast turnaround on asbestos samples!

:We can test any type of suspicious material for the presence of asbestos fibres.

: All types of asbestos sampling and asbestos testing.     

:Samples and tests analysed by UKAS accredited laboratory to ISO-17025  

:Fast response time.     

:Quick turnaround from sample to final results.     

:Emergency responce for any asbestos samples due to a project coming to a halt.    

:Post asbestos removal work sampling and testing.

:We also test contaminated ground and soil.  

:Bulk analysis and density asbestos testing.

:We can turn around emergency sample analysis within 24 hours.

:Under no circumstances can we tell for certain that a material contains asbestos without a sample and then the associated asbestos testing being undertaken.  

:The fibres are simply to small to identify with the naked eye.

:Our fully accredited laboratory will check your asbestos sample using the guidance in HSG-248

:Contact us today to make a booking.

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